Solar Lighting & Phone Charging Kit 4X2W lights & 8W Solar Panel

Solar Lighting and Phone Charging Kit - 4 x 2W lights and 8W Solar Panel
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The SL-SEK-3 lighting system comes with four 2W lights and is twice as bright as our $85 dollar SL-SEK-2 system

The MGG SEK-3 Kit is a Solar Powered generating system providing a constant current output for both LED lighting and Cell phone charging. The SEK-3 uses Lithium storage batteries and efficiently controls the charging and discharging processes.

There is a master switch on the control box where you can turn all lights on/off. There is a 5m cable from the panel to the control box and each light also has a 5 metre cable from the control box to the light and its own in-line switch at the light end.

Your MGG SEK-3 Kit consists of:

One Solar Panel with a 5 metre cable.
One black control box which includes the Lithium storage batteries.
4 LED lights with 5m long cables and in-line switches.
USB phone charger connection.

Solar panel size, power and cable: 8w 11v 22.5 x 19.5cm. 5 Metres
Storage battery type: Lithium 7.4v 5200 mAh
LED lights: 4 x 2w ultra bright lights
Output for phone charging: 5v usb 1000MA

Battery Charging time: 8 hours under direct sunlight

All 4 Lights time when fully charged will last 6 hours.

Life expediencies: Solar Panel 15 years. LED Lights:10 years. Batteries: 1.5 to 2 years. Replacements under $20

The panel is waterproof and can be placed outside facing North in the Southern Hemisphere (in Winter sun angle it at around 45%). The storage battery will fully charge in two days of sun.

The packaging measures 400mm x 220mm x 90mm and weighs 2.1 kg.

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